6 Types of First Dances and What They Say About Your Relationship

type of wedding dance styles

Have you decided on a dance style for your wedding? From Foxtrot, Rumba to Waltz―there are lots of dance styles to choose from. Each one of these wedding dance styles says something about the kind of relationship you share with your partner. Want to find out what it is?

Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha and many other dances have been the popular choice for most wedding couples. Which one of these would you pick?

We’ve seen countless of couples choose the classic Waltz in a heartbeat. However, there are others who’ve treaded away from the conventional path and selected something upbeat.
In most cases, their choice is a reflection of their personalities and the bond they share. Much like the song, the dance style itself tells the attendees their love story. It’s why we believe that selecting your wedding dance style is as important as deciding the song.

Here’s a sneak peek of what each dance style reveals about your relationship:

1. Waltz

Slow and romantic, the Waltz is popular amongst couples who wish to fulfill their fairytale dreams.
The graceful movements, its elegant stance and slow rhythm all indicate a relationship that’s built on respect and love. Anyone who picks this dance is in for a royal romance filled with grand gestures and heartfelt confessions.

2. Tango & Cha-Cha

Tango and Cha-Cha might be a class apart from each other. However, both of them require spirited and energetic performances. It’s why couples who choose these dances are known to be youthful and confident. These rather provocative and sexy numbers indicate that you share a fun and playful relationship.
Additionally, it means that you’re always up for a challenge and are ready to take over the world with your beau.

3. Rumba

It’s an undeniable fact that Rumba is the most intimate dance on this list. Its sensual movements, slow rhythm and quick spins make anyone’s heart skip a beat. That’s why couples who choose Rumba are mostly those who don’t shy away from showing affection in public.
You can expect their relationship to be passionate, exciting and full of romance.

4. Foxtrot

Classic, sophisticated and refined―this dance is timeless. You need to maintain a poised posture and prepare for seamless transitions when you’re dancing with your partner.
It usually means that your relationship has been slow and steady. You appreciate taking your time as you do things and have created a strong bond that stands on sincerity, compassion and sweet interactions.

It’s a Wrap

Who knew dance styles could say so much? You might not have thought about this before. Yet, it’s essential that you select a wedding dance style that speaks volumes of who you are as a couple. Let your choice capture the essence of your beautiful bond through its melodious movements.
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