How to Lead Better?

Ballroom dancing

“I just put my feet in the ground and move them around.”

– Fred Astaire

The odds are that you don’t think ballroom dancing is that simple. As a beginner, you have probably spent hours perfecting steps and routines. It’s especially true for grooms-to-be. Yet, for some reason, learning how to lead better seems impossible.

If you agree, you must give these ballroom dancing tips a try. This article teaches you to lead with poise and maintain the perfect stature during the performance. 

Here are the basics every leader needs to know:

1. Maintain the Perfect Posture

Leading partner must hold a strong frame to support the other dancer.  Having lanky noodle arms or a weak frame makes it challenging to stay connected when you move. You won’t face this issue when you’re standing tall and straight with shoulders rolled back. Tuck your stomach and engage your core to tap into your inner strength.

Additionally, lift your right elbow at a proper angle while placing your hand on your partner’s shoulder blade. Move in precise decisive steps while you lead them along with the music. This position enables them to follow you and mimic your movements without hindrance.

2. Move to the Beat

Many dancers focus on memorizing the steps and looking at their feet instead of feeling the beat. Moving off-key can look disjointed and sloppy. Learn how to lead better and improve coordination by dancing along with the music.

Doing this makes ballroom dance lessons more fun as you sway and shake to the tunes. Additionally, concentrating on the music makes it easier to pick up dance cues. It also prevents you from overthinking and shifts your focus towards physical movement.

3. Take Charge (But Do It Gently)

Despite popular belief, leaders do not drag their partners around the dance floor. As your ballroom dance instructor will tell you, the secret lies in subtle synchronization. Be attentive to your partner’s weight and movements before initiating a spin. When you do this, the momentum you create does all the work.
Also, avoid gripping them too tightly or be firm. It can only cause discomfort. Hold your partner gently and direct them with your eyes and some other non-verbal cues.

Let’s Dance!

In the end, learning how to lead better revolves around three things. Your posture, composure, and listening skills. Once you get these aspects right, you’d master ballroom dancing lessons in no time.  Plus, your performance will improve a great deal too.

Stay tuned to learn how to follow your partner’s lead in ballroom dancing.